Medications to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Physical dependency on alcohol is one of the most challenging issues a person going through the recovery process may have to overcome. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are often difficult to cope with, and they also pose direct physical risks to those going through a detoxification. Under such circumstances, it’s wise to consider a medication-assisted recovery. Let’s...

How Addiction Affects the Workplace

Addiction takes a toll on its victims, but co-workers and employers also pay a high price. Statistics from the National Safety Council show that substance use disorders affect almost 21 million Americans, a group that makes up around 8 percent of all adolescents and adults in the country. Add family members, and that number goes...

Detox Treatments for Drugs with Worst Withdrawal Symptoms

Drugs with the Worst Withdrawal Symptoms How They can be Treated with Medical Detox One of the most worrisome prospects that comes with trying to quit any drug is the possibility of going through withdrawal. It’s important to be aware of what withdrawal symptoms accompany particular drugs, especially in instances where going off a specific...
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